Elements Leaf-cum-Kitchen Waste Composter – 250 L



ELEMENTS Leaf-cum-Kitchen Waste Composter—designed, manufactured and marketed by Endlessly Green—serves a dual purpose of processing both garden rejects (leaf litter) and kitchen waste.

Easy to assemble

Elements is all about elegance, strength and durability. Its walls are detachable and can be assembled easily by the customers. Thanks to this feature, Elements is being shipped countrywide.


The body is made of high-grade MS steel and heavy-duty polypropylene drain cells. The metal surface is powder-coated. That means no hassle of getting it repainted frequently to prevent rusting.

The composter is designed in such a way that less than 20% of its metal surface comes in contact with the moisture/heat being generated by the composting pile inside. This means longer life and low maintenance.


All the drain cells can be replaced at a low cost and the metal surface can be given powder-coating to make it look brand new!


250 litres. The weight of this composter is about 18 kg.


Due to excellent aeration all around, composting happens rather quickly without the hassle of bad odour or excess maggots. Elements (250 litres) suits single homes or villas with garden area around. The larger 1000 litre composter can be used as community composters.

The process

Dry leaves: Crush dry leaves and mix them with cow dung slurry, or use any other compost culture for processing to harvest nice-smelling compost.

Kitchen waste: Mix the kitchen waste with cocopeat and crushed dry leaves. Sprinkle Exelerator microbial culture to speed up the process. Put the kitchen waste in the centre of the composter and spread dry leaves around it. This will block access to flies and rodents.


When compared all the other available leaf composters made of mainly MS steel and coated with epoxy paint, Elements is reasonably priced. This, despite its heavy metal gauge and costlier powder-coating which last much longer than epoxy paint.

T&Cs: Once you receive the order, please open the package within 12 hours and take videos and pictures while unboxing the package. If you notice any damage, please report to us immediately with all the visuals.

Tech specs and videos

For price and shipping charges, please call 9686862946.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg


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