About Us

The Journey So Far...

ENDLESSLY GREEN is a name long associated with solid waste management (SWM) in general, and composting in particular. It began as a blog in 2012-13 and has since been a go-to destination to those seeking well-researched and well-presented articles. Thousands of readers across India have benefited from the blog’s unwavering commitment to holistic and local solutions and its integrated approach to mitigating the garbage crisis through solid research and documentation, case studies executed with painstaking legwork and above all, first-hand experience in SWM, composting, urban organic gardening, etc.

When the idea of ENDLESSLY GREEN as a company began germinating in our minds, it carried with the essence of all that has been achieved so far. We are now a solid team of professionals with combined experience in SWM, landscaping and gardening. Sensing the need for durable and sturdy composters that fetch value for your money, we are all set to roll out well-crafted, sturdy and reasonably priced composters, various consumables and gardening essentials, shippable countrywide — both in bulk and for individual online sales.

All this is aimed at helping more and more households, communities and commercial establishments to take to composting instead of dumping the precious waste irresponsibly or sending it out for landfilling.

Currently, with operations spread across Karnataka and Telengana, the carefully curated and well-synergised Team Endlessly Green is excited to design, manufacture and market holistic and sustainable solutions to transform more and more communities into self-sustaining entities.

Together, we can make beautiful things happen!

Our Mission

To design, manufacture and market superior composting solutions for homes and communities. 

Our Vision

To mainstream sustainability through holistic, well-thought-out and user-friendly designs to SWM a sustainable life choice. To instill a collective sense of individual responsibility. 

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