There are basically two types of cocopeat (also called cocopith).

  1. Microbial cocopeat which comes in brick/block and powder form as well. This is meant for composting purposes.
  2. Gardening cocopeat.

Microbial bricks/blocks: This is reddish in colour. The brick/blocks form contains very low moisture and need post-processing. Microbes are supplied separately which need to be mixed with the moistened cocopeat. Each brick weighs about 5 kg and expands up to five times or more, and yields 22-25 kg after expansion. Similarly, each brick weighs about 650 gm and yields about 3 kg of cocopeat after expansion.

The process: Soak the block/brick in suggested quantity of water. Let it soak for 10-12 hours. The brick loosens and breaks down on its own. Just crumble it manually and mix the microbes thoroughly. Store it in a box or a bag.

Powdered cocopeat: This comes in a ready-to-use form as it has just the right amount of moisture and is pre-processed with beneficial microbes which speed up the composting process. It does not need any post-processing.

2. Gardening cocopeat:  This is almost black in colour and looks pretty much like well-processed compost itself. Processing methods are different for gardening cocopeat and hence the change in colour, texture and moisture level. You can use this directly for gardening purposes.