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Detachable walls


Shippable countrywide

All the four walls can be assembled and detached easily. This feature makes compost shipping and harvesting quite an easy task.

Get Elements powder-coated once more after a few years and the PPL plates replaced. You will have a brand-new composter ready at a low cost.

The well-thought-out design of Elements allows flat pack shipping. You can easily assemble the walls at your location.

Elements is all about elegance, strength and durability. Compost all your garden rejects with ease. The walls of Elements are detachable and can be assembled easily. Thanks to this feature, Elements can be shipped countrywide.

The body is made of high-grade MS steel and heavy-duty polypropylene. The metal surface is powder coated, which means no hassle of getting it repainted frequently to prevent rusting. Elements comes in 250 litre and 1000 litre capacities. The weight of the 250 litre composter is about 18 kg.

Crush dry leaves and mix them with cow dung slurry, or use any other compost culture for processing to harvest nice-smelling compost.

Elements can also double up as your kitchen waste composter. Place it on the ground and in a well-aerated spot to get going. 

Mix the kitchen waste with crushed dry leaves, sprinkle microbial culture to speed up the process. Put the waste in the centre of the composter and spread dry leaves around it. This will block access to flies and rodents. 

Due to excellent aeration all around, composting happens rather quickly without the hassle of bad odour or excess maggots. Suits single homes or villas with garden area around.

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Elements – The leaf-cum-kitchen waste composter

How to assemble Elements at customer location.

Elements on Mrs Vani Murthy’s terrace, Bangalore.