The Book

'Endlessly Green: Solid Waste Management for Everyone'

Published jointly by Yoda Press, New Delhi, and Simon & Schuster, India. June 2021.

Endlessly Green looks at the history, the science and the art of composting and sustainable waste management through a kaleidoscope of philosophical, moral and ethical intricacies. The author digs into her rich pool of experiential learnings and raw inputs gathered through a decade of research, legwork and fearless execution. 

This engaging field guide equips community volunteers, activists, students, solid waste management (SWM) practitioners and professionals with practical inputs on segregation, composting and organic gardening/farming, making sustainability imaginable in a concrete jungle. 

In doing so, it helps individuals discover the possibilities of bringing about a change in their environment by engaging their own environmental sensibilities. 

Endlessly Green is an extraordinary celebration of things small and significant and the fight against waste, culminating in a replicable and scalable end-to-end solution.

Grab your copy in both paperback and Kindle versions via Amazon. Currently available in various other bookstores including Blossoms, The Bookworm, Higgin Bothams, Crossword and Sapna Bookstall in Bangalore.

About the author

Bangalore-based independent journalist, entrepreneur and SWM practitioner
SAVITA HIREMATH has spent the past decade studying composting methods, discussing the fascinating science and the gratifying art of composting with fellow enthusiasts from all over India and helping them establish self-sustaining communities.