Ten billion cells per gram, loaded with saprophytic bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes which can break down complex organic compounds, teeming with thermophiles that can spike up the temperature in your composter to 60-75 deg.C, and topped off with essential enzymes. This is a 12-strain microbial culture—geared to quicken the composting turnaround cycle and enrich the soil. It works a treat on tough-to-break-down meat, oils, spices, dairy leftovers, cellulose and lignin contents in your kitchen and garden rejects.

Thermal killing

Thanks to the thermophiles, or heat-loving bacteria which thrive in high temperatures, don’t be surprised if your composter gets hot within a day or two. Thermal killing means pathogens and weed seeds are dealt with as the temperature is sustained throughout the composting cycle. It also means a shorter turnaround cycle for each batch lasting between 21-30 days.

Composting in double quick time!

If you can churn out batch after batch of compost in less than a month, that means you have shortened your composting cycle considerably. It also means lesser space requirement, too at both home and community level. This is but just a sneak peek into the EXCELERATOR’s composition.