A new concept. A new design. Excellent execution and finish. The result is a classy EVA-V2. Hand-moulded, hand-finished and hand-delivered.

First off, let’s discuss its most distinct feature: the double containers. We thought the double-shelled EVA would avoid the sight of leachate leak along with other niggles like excess moisture retention at the bottom, excess maggot proliferation, insufficient aeration and of course, bad odour. Altogether, these nettling experiences can force wannabe composters to give up.

Interestingly, this feature served multiple purposes and the most surprising of them all was fantastic heat retention. During the trial run conducted by placing EVA in a well-aerated spot, barring a few drops here and there on the surface of the inner shell, most of the moisture evaporated due to excellent heat generation propelled by our new Excelerator, a 12-strain powerful microbial culture. Together, they worked a treat.

Capacity45 litres
Height30 inches with the stand, 26 inches without.
Width14 inches
Space required1.5×1.5 sqft
Composting durationAbout a month
Yield per EVA33-40% of original quantity
Price of EVARs 5,700 + 12% GST,
transport as per actual.
Price of the standRs 470 + 12% GST,
transport as per actual.