Eartha Community Composter 1250 L



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EARTHA community composter is our best-selling kitchen waste organic waste converter. Made of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), Eartha has 1250 litres of capacity with 4ft L x 3 ft W x 3.6ft H dimensions. The material is long-lasting and doesn’t call for frequent repainting. In other words, no rusting issues either.


Eartha can take up to 750 kg of shredded waste mixed with cocopeat if filled all at once. If it is added day by day in small quantities, then it can take in some more. That’s because the pile undergoes breakdown and compaction keeps happening everyday.

Other features

This FRP community composter has four PVC aerators attached to a leachate drainer which sits a few inches above the base. The drainer holds up the pile as the excess liquid gets collected in the bottom tank. A tap attached to the tank helps you drain out the leachate with ease. When there are multiple composters, they can be networked so that leachate is let out through only one tap.

The lid fitted with a stainless-steel hood prop helps you carry on with work. A hatch in the front allows you to harvest the compost with ease.

Shredding and compost culture

For a faster composting cycle, shred the waste using our noiseless shredder and sprinkle Excelerator compost culture in prescribed quantities for an enriched manure.

For tech specs and to download the brochure, please click HERE.

For a detailed review on the infrastructure and the composting process, please click HERE.

For price and order placement, please call: 9686862946/ 9916000393.

Additional information

Weight 52 kg


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