Combo Offer 1: Trifecta & Effect, Pack of 2, 100 ml each

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Both Trifecta and Effect are excellent, completely chemical-free and plant-based herbal solutions meant for all types of plants including edibles. Since disease-causing insects may become resistant to one type of plant protectant, we created a combination therapy. Use them alternatively to get the best of out this kit. Read all the instructions on dosage and frequency of application.

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Combo-1: Trifecta & Effect, Pack of 2, 100 ml each

We were compelled to create this combo as many wannabe buyers asked one question repeatedly: Which one is better? Is it Trifecta or Effect?

The answer is simple: Both. Especially when used alternatively. Disease-causing insects/pathogens usually tend to become resistant to one type of plant protectant. Hence, a combination therapy works wonders on your plants while keeping beneficial visible and invisible ecosystem in your garden safe. That includes you, your family, especially children and pets.

Use these two herbal sprays alternatively in recommended doses. Here are more details on both products:


Trifecta is a powerful blend of extracts from three trees: neem, mahua and pongemia. The medicinal qualities of these three extracts individually are very well known. When blended in right proportions, the broad-spectrum combo makes it a highly effective pest / insect repellent for your garden. All this while making sure that your plants—including and especially edible ones like fruits and vegetables—remain safe for you to consume. It works a treat on flowering and leafy ornamental plants like roses, shrubs, herbs, trees, different types of foliage grown both indoors and outdoors, fruits and vegetables as well.

This plant protectant oily formula is water soluble which makes it easy to spray on the foliage uniformly.

One of the most prominent features of Trifecta is its ability to tackle diseases at all stages of plant development. In fact, it can be sprayed up to harvesting stage as it is safe and free from hazardous chemicals. Thanks to these qualities, it acts as an anti-feedant, insect-repellent and ultimately, a plant growth regulator.

Trifecta is completely biodegradable, acts rapidly after application. It is safe for the environment, safe for you, your family and pets.

Dosage: 7-10 ml in one litre of water when the infection is severe. 5-7 ml per litre of water for regular spray as a preventive measure. Spray once in three weeks for protection. Spray once a week to deal with insects / infections until the infection disappears.

Method: Spray thoroughly and evenly on the foliage, including the dorsal parts. Spray TRIFECTA early morning for greater impact.


There are many gardeners out there committed to grow a little green haven around them but have no clue about how to tackle various types of bugs. It can get frustrating sometimes. The determined ones keep at it trying various solutions. A majority of them go for hazardous chemical pesticides while others opt for home-made concoctions. The rest simply give up.

In that respect, Effect is a one-shot safe and sure solution for all your gardening woes! It is a broad-spectrum herbal concoction that works on both sucking insects like aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, plant hoppers, leaf hoppers, whiteflies, scales, mites, bugs, and chewing insects like caterpillars, weevils, beetles, etc.

How it works: Effect is a water-soluble solution which gets mixed with water easily. It has a systemic effect on the plants as it can enter the plant system through both aerial and underground plant parts. Effect has extracts from 10 plants which have high medicinal properties that work as pesticides on plants.

Effective and safe: It’s a completely safe spray as its ingredients are derived from plants and is chemical-free. Hence, go ahead and use Effect on all types of plants: fruits, vegetables & ornamental.

Dosage: 7-10 ml in one litre of water when the infection is severe. 5-7 ml per litre of water for regular spray as a preventive measure. Spray once a week to deal with insects / infections. Spray once in 2-3 weeks for regular protection. Spray EFFECT after sundown for better effect.

Precaution: Effect is a safe herbal ‘pesticide’. Yet, avoid direct contact. Keep it out of reach of children.

Active ingredients: Water extracts from basil, neem, vitex, vinca, calotropis, lantana, adathoda, spinach, nerium, etc.

Best before 18 months.

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