Excelerator Compost Culture – 450 gm – Pack of 3

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If you want to speed up composting using beneficial microbes, look no further. Excelerator is all you need to quicken the turnaround cycle of your composting batches. Please read all the information, instructions on dosage and other details given below. Visit our blog to read an informative post on this product.

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Excelerator is a powerful microbial composting culture. It is loaded with 12 strains of microbes that instantly invade the waste and help it decompose faster. Adding Excelerator to your composting pile results in a compost heap with a way higher humus content teeming with soil-loving bacteria. hese beneficial microbes eventually enrich the soil and boost immunity of the plants in your garden.

Absolutely chemical-free and safe to touch.

Dosage: 1/4 spoon or 3 pinches to 1kg of waste.

Sprinkle it on the waste and mix it with cocopeat or dry leaves thoroughly to get it going instantly.

For more details, follow this link: Excelerator

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Weight .450 kg
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