Ebony Home Composter kit

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Ebony Home Composter is a 3-tier stackable unit. It has a capacity of 105 litres with an intake capacity of 70kg of input. This fits into any corner even if it is not well aerated. Ebony is amply aerated as its containers are made of a fabric which breathes and makes composting an easy affair without maggots or leachate leak. Composting happens much faster in this composter because of the high aeration. This in turn builds up heat very well and keeps the process going without a single hassle.

Own your own Ebony kit today. Check out these videos and a blogpost for more details.

  1. Unboxing Ebony kit
  2. Ebony assembly
  3. Ebony composting process in detail
  4. Blog post on Ebony product review


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