This naturally occurring light-weight mineral does wonders to your plants. Vermiculite enhances the performance of your potting soil by storing and releasing nutrients from the compost and the soil. It contains magnesium, potassium and trace elements.

A fascinating, naturally occurring light-weight mineral steeped in versatility. There is already a long list of industries that use this safe material for a wide range of applications. When used with compost, soil and cocopeat which are the main ingredients of your potmix, it does many things: boosts the growth of seedlings, ensures proper aeration to the roots, thereby promoting robust plant growth. You can also use it for soilless gardening.

When it comes to gardening, vermiculite can instantly enhance the performance of your growth mix (potting soil) as it has the ability to take the nutrients from the compost and soil and keep it releasing it to the roots slowly and consistently. Make sure you mix it with good-quality compost to extract maximum benefits. Vermiculite is naturally embedded with magnesium, potassium and trace elements which the soil needs. Third, in tandem with compost, it boosts the growth of seedlings, ensures proper aeration to the roots, thereby promoting root growth. Because of these qualities, you can use vermiculite along with high-quality gardening cocopeat and opt for soilless gardening, too.

  • Allows proper aeration.
  • Provides excellent water retention.
  • Aids faster and healthier germination of seeds.
  • Accelerates growth
  • Gives anchorage to tender young root systems.
  • Helps the plants absorb magnesium, calcium, potassium and certain trace elements.
  • Helps the roots spread easily.
  • Prevents water-logging.
  • Provides protection to plants by minimising the temperature fluctuations in the potmix due to varying weather patterns.

Please note:
Perlite is more aerating than vermiculite. But vermiculite is far superior when it comes to its water retention capacity. It is better to mix both in equal quantities (1 part) to 2 parts of growth media or potmix (soil, cocopeat and compost).
During transport, perlite and vermiculite granules may get crushed and powdered. However, that does not affect the functioning of these minerals.

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