VermEssence – 5 kg


VermEssence is vermicompost which is further fortified with seaweed, neem and pongemia extracts. The result is a mix of all the goodness of vermicompost and other NPK-rich ingredients to keep your garden high on immunity and yield. Read more…

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VermEssence – 5 kg

If your garden needs instant energy and immunity, VermEssence is the answer!

VermEssence is fortified vermicompost with seaweed, neem and pongemia cakes which are basically a rich source of naturally available NPK. Altogether, these key ingredients help your plants develop immunity even as they biodegrade in the soil slowly and become humus.

Another unique quality of VermEssence is the diverse food the earthworms are fed with. To make sure our compost has a microbiota that is diverse in nature and also a wide nutritional bandwidth, we feed the worms with rejects from farms, leaves and other biomass sourced from various types of trees and plants, raw uncooked vegetable and fruits rejects, cow dung and ayurvedic herbal biomass.

Since the compost is packed right after it is harvested and fortified, our product contains earthworm eggs which tend to come to life once they enter the soil and grow. They devour any biodegradable food available within their living environment and keep pooping out quality manure. Their movement in the soil increases aeration in the root zone even as the compost keeps releasing essential nutrients to the plants. This helps the roots grow deeper and stronger and keeps the microbiome always on the uptick. No, earthworms don’t venture out of your pots! Rest assured.

What you have on your hands is an excellent growing medium and readily absorbable soil conditioner. You can grow almost anything using this nutrient- and microbe-rich organic VermEssence.

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Weight 5 kg
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