Just like vermiculite, perlite is also a naturally available mineral. It is clean and sterile. It does not decay or shrink in size thereby resisting compaction. It has crevices and cavities that allow the air to pass through while keeping the overall weight of the pot lighter.

There are so many benefits this white-coloured mineral offers to gardeners. Be it indoor or outdoor gardening, perlite helps you avoid issues with water-logging in the pot. It tackles lack of aeration which is usually the case with plastic pots. It eliminates compaction of potsoil over a period of time due to constant watering.

• With perlite in the potmix, 100% germination of seeds and root cutting can be achieved with very little watering.
• Thanks to the crevices and cavities in the granules which create air tunnels, perlite aids movement of air, water and nutrients throughout the growth media, especially the root zone.
• The free-flow of air also aids in maintaining optimum temperature despite the varying natural climate conditions.
• Works wonderfully with clayey and silt soils by resisting soil compaction.
• Has neutral pH and does not decompose.
• All the above functions result in faster and robust growth of plants.
• Perlite is inorganic, sterile and inert in nature, and does not attract infections/pests.
• No known toxic elements found in perlite.

Please note:
Perlite is more aerating than vermiculite. But vermiculite is far superior when it comes to its water retention capacity. It is better to mix both in equal quantities (1 part) to 2 parts of growth media or potmix (soil, cocopeat and compost).
During transport, perlite and vermiculite granules may get crushed and powdered. However, that does not affect the functioning of these minerals.

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