PentaMix: The Power of 5 Oilseed Cakes, 450 gm


As days pass by, plant absorbs the nutrients from the potting soil and are in need of more. PentaMix is an excellent plant nutrient and soil amendment made of five oil cakes: neem, pongemia, mahua, mustard and castor oil cakes. It acts in two ways: provide nutrients and fight diseases. Read more…

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PentaMix: The Power of 5 Oilseed Cakes, 450 gm

Just like Trifecta Herbal Spray which is a blend of three oils—neem, pongemia and mahua—PentaMix is a perfect amalgam of five oil cakes. They are neem, pongemia, mahua, mustard and castor oil cakes. These five cakes are super-packed with medicinal properties thereby making PentaMix an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-nematode and anti-fungal soil conditioner.

When the seeds are cold-pressed, the byproduct is a cake which retains a lot of nutrition, has disease-fighting abilities and provides organic matter to the plant. As is the case, each one is a powerhouse of both micro- and macro-nutrients and natural NPK. When blended in right proportions and compositions, each variety of cake enhances and complements the uniqueness of the other.

How PentaMix works

First of all, this blend strengthens the roots, triggers rich blossoming of flowers and enhances the overall appearance of the plants, trees, shrubs, etc. It keeps the microbial load in the soil on the uptick by stimulating it and nourishing it with optimum nutrient supply.

Pentamix goes on releasing nutrients slowly and steadily. You can add it in the pot mix (or potting soil) and/or feed it to the plants later on.

 The benefits:

PentaMix not only prevents diseases in plants but also tackles them in the most holistic manner without causing any damage to the plant roots or even earthworms which maybe present in the soil. It is a chemical-free product which does not harm humans, pets, beneficial insects, etc.

It is an excellent soil conditioner and plant nutrient that improves the soil-binding and water-holding capacity. Use it regularly to get the best results for all types of plants, trees, herbs and shrubs. Combine it with organic compost to make it even stronger.

Dosage: While preparing the pot mix, add a few spoons of PentaMix. Later on, back it up with spreading about 30 grams of it around the roots of the potted plants. For your garden plants, spread about 30-50 grams of it in a similar  fashion. Water the plants well after applying PentaMix.

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