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NeemEssense is packed with qualities. But the greatest of them all is its ability to fight the soil-borne pathogens even as it supplies nutrition to the plants. It keeps root-damaging pathogens in check and tackles certain types of nematodes effectively.

As we all know, neem tree is a natural air-purifier with high medicinal value and is completely biodegradable. It does not leave any residue as chemical fertilisers do. NeemEssense contains high NPK content and micro-nutrients. It keeps the microbiota rich by providing all the nutrition and protection from pathogens. Despite its bitter taste and nematicidal nature, earthworms, for instance, thrive in an environment where neem powder is adequately used.

NeemEssense adds rich organic content to the soil composition by increasing its humus content. The result: aeration increases, moisture-retention capacity goes up, the overall soil structure improves and the yield increases. Since it helps regulate slow and steady release of nitrogen, it extends the period of nitrogen availability to the plants.

Use NeemEssense while preparing your pot mix. Feed a couple of spoons (more if the pot is bigger) to your pots every quarter along with compost to get better results.

Sprinkle a half spoon of NeemEssense to your kitchen waste before you tip it into your home composter (more if it is a community composter). It kills pathogens and also keeps maggot population well in control.

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