Endlessly Green Grownules – 450 gms


A wonderful soil-conditioner containing natural humic acid, fulvic acid and amino compounds. It’s also rich in potassium and micro-nutrients. Use it regularly to derive excellent benefits for your plants. Read all the information on dosage and frequency of application.

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Endlessly Green Grownules – 450 gms

When any biodegradable material breaks down completely, the final substances found in it are humic and fulvic acids. This is where the word humus comes from. Any compost that is rich in humus is the best possible plant food. Endlessly Green Grownules are basically a combination of these two organic acids combined with amino compounds. Hence, what you have on hand is a combo meal that your plants would love to feast on.

 Merits of Grownules

Grownules is high in potassium and micro-nutrients. These two together act as a soil conditioner. It is an efficient biological catalyst and a well-balanced nutrient that magnifies the available fertiliser.

Grownules is a wonderful solution that helps in the synthesis of chlorophyll, sugars, vitamins and amino acids which are what keep the green entities healthy and disease-free. It must be noted that some of the diseases affecting the plants in general are due to lack of complete and balanced nutrition. Grownules takes away that concern.

Just like human beings, plants also suffer due to exposure to toxins and stressful factors such as free radicals. Grownules increases plants’ resistance to these negative conditions and enhances its overall growth and appearance of foliage and fruits.


  • Contains micro-nutrients.
  • Acts as a soil conditioner.
  • Keeps the soil microbiome stimulated and activated.
  • Increases yield.
  • Improves the overall health of the plants and ultimately, their appearance.


For potted plants, spread about 30 grams of Grownules around the root zone. For garden plants, spread about 30-50 grams. Water the plants well after application. You can also mix it with your potting soil.


Apply once every 3-4 weeks

Please note: Grownules is fully biodegradable but takes long. It is not to be mistaken for any chemical solution.

Tips: Combine Grownules with PentaMix while preparing the pot mix for best results.

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